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What can I say about this gorgeous sweety. Jen ( sure know how to tease and she enjoys doing it. I fell on her site quite recently and was intrigue with the way she teased. She had me hooked and wanting to see more. Jen recently got braces and even though I've never really though about it before, There is something really sexy about
Vital Stats:
Age: 26
Measurements: 36b, 25, 35
Shoe Size: 8
Height: 5'8"
Sexual preferences: straight :)

it. (I think I've developed a new fetish for myself.) So now this hottie has my attention. I sent her an email to find out if she was really the person behind the site and sure enough I find out she is the real thing. After a couple of emails she agreed to do the interview. I'm sure she wasn't 100% certain what she was getting herself into but she came across as a real sport. Well here it is, my conversation with the sexy Jen

Sex Guide: Where were you born/raised?
Jen:I grew up in Hawaii. woohoo. Then I moved to San Francisco for college, then Los Angeles, and now I'm in Las Vegas.
Sex Guide:Describe a typical Sunday morning with the lovely Jen.
Jen: Well I usually stay up reallllllly late, so I probably don't get up til noon! My life is pretty darn boring cause I'm a workaholic! I turn on my computer, check email, answer some emails, and then work on my sites for several hours. Then I might go out and get a Starbucks coffee or something. Then it's back home and back to work! Or if I'm feeling less ambitious I might go to the mall or to a matinee. Then it's back home for more work, or a photoshoot or shower show or something

Sex Guide:This may be silly but I have to ask! A cut and paste directly from your bio page "Turn Ons: Big bowls of Macaroni and Cheese" Please explain~!
Jen: haha. Well I think it's silly when people put "turn ons" on their website cause that's so typical. So I was attempting to be funny. But I do love macaroni and cheese, and I would get excited if someone gave me a big bowl of it, but I probably wouldn't get aroused or anything!!!!!!
Sex Guide:
How did you get started in this wonderful world of online porn? What made you want to show your fabulous ass to the world?
Jen: Well I don't run actually run a porn site. My site is a voyeur site, and while there's nudity, there's nothing you can't see in Vogue magazine. hehe. Anywayyyyyyyyyy I have a degree in photography and decided to start a site for my fashion photography. I started to then shoot pics of myself, and then started to take some nudy-type pics as well since I ran out of cool fashion clothes to wear. Then I added the webcams and the rest is history! I love being artsy and stuff like that, and I thought it would be fun to make a site, take pics, and have webcams document everything I do. I can't believe I've had my site since 2000 now!!!
I've almost never been picked up on in my entire life
Sex Guide: Tell us about your craziest story (industry related or not)
Jen: Hmmmmmmm maybe going on Howard Stern last year was a pretty crazy thing to do, since I absolutely hate public speaking and getting up in front of crowds. I was on the show in a bikini, and Howard, all of the Hard Rock Hotel, and the world (at least the part of the world that gets the E channel) saw me! Oh and the contest was really silly, so people saw a really embarrassing version of me! I have pics and videos of the whole experience, and whenever new friends come to the house and watch the tape they get shocked.
Sex Guide: If I ask nicely, would you send me your bra tag ? (yes I have a fascination with bra tags)
Jen: Yes that would be no problem. What is your address?

Sex Guide: If I promise to preform oral sex on you everynight for the rest of your life. Would you be convinced to move up to Canada to live with me?
Jen: I don't know - I bet that would get tiring after a while!!!!!!!! I bet no girl gets that, or if she did she would probably get tired of it. How about every other day??
Sex Guide: If you had to describe in one sentence what someone can expect when joining your site, how would you describe it?
Jen: A look in to the quirky, neurotic, colorful world of a Las Vegas brace face girl (I have braces right now) who likes to work incessantly, so that her members have thousands and thousands of erotic, artsy pictures, videos, and live cams to view.

Sex Guide: If I bumped into you in a bar and I were to pull my best pick up line on you, "Don't you think it's about time you tried me?" would it get me anywhere ?
Jen: Probably since I've almost never been picked up on in my entire life, so if you actually approached me, and didn't look super drunk, I'd be shocked!
Sex Guide: What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever said during phone sex?
Jen: Ahhhhhh phone sex is like public speaking to me! I am afraid of it! I can never think of anything to say. I have audio on my chats on my site, but I always say silly things instead of talking drrrty. One of my exes would always try to talk dirty to me, and then he'd get mad that I couldn't think of anything juicy as a comeback.

Be warned. Visiting Jen's site may cause you to fall in love.





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