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If I had to describe what I consider would be the perfect women , I would have to say petite , long hair, small boobs , perfect ass , luscious lips (has to have kissable lips) smart, open minded , fun and just over all great personality. Yeah I know what your thinking .
Vital Stats:
Age: 31
Measurements: 36A-25-36
Shoe Size: 7 1/2 to an 8
Height: 5'3 and 1/2" (Well.. a half an inch is HUGE!) hehe
Sexual preferences: I love men.. I have experimented a few times with some really great gals.. but I prefer a nice hard cock. :)~
She don't exist! Well that's what I thought. but then I fell on my-sex-life web site and there she was. Ms Lori Anderson . My perfect woman. The first thing I noticed were her incredible lips. I even caught myself leaning in to kiss my screen. She's got incredible perky breast.(the kind you know are still gonna be firm when she's 80.) She runs
her own site , she sucks cock and she is a fun party gal. And what do I do when I find my perfect women. What else but ask her a bunch of silly questions.

SEX GUIDE : Where were you born/raised?
Lori: Michigan (yea I know burr)
SEX GUIDE : Describe a typical Saturday night with the Sexy Lori Anderson.
Lori: Nice Dinner somewhere having a few cocktails then going out to the bar dancing . I love to dance and that’s usually what I do every weekend with a bunch of my girlfriends.

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SEX GUIDE : You are quite the hottie, You must hear that alot. Ever get tired of hearing it?
Lori: Thanks sweetie I get complimented all the time and I never get tired of it I don’t think any woman would.
SEX GUIDE : You've been on the net for quite some time. What made you say "Hey let's share my fantastic body and sex life with the world?
Lori: I started out on the Internet in 1999 doing cam shows. I love being watched by strangers it turns me on big time. I guess you can say I like being a real show off and an exhibitionist. I began liking the Internet so much that in 2000 I began making my own personal website. And hey, with all the pictures that I already had, including all the ones when I was younger, it was really easy. So we started to shoot a lot more with the camera, and also began doing video at that time. We shoot with a Canon GL1 camcorder and a Sony Cyber shot 8 mega pixel digital our quality is just really great. I have over 20,000 pictures of me over the last 7 years, so you can see how much I've grown into this. My video archives are huge! You can tell which pictures are some of my old ones where I was much younger, and some of the best quality ones have been taken just recently. I’ve grown to love what I do and wouldn't’t change a thing. I continue to make my site bigger and better every year. Making my fans and members happy is my #1 guarantee. I’ve given them so much cock jacking material over the years that they are bound to never get blue balls.
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Everything that comes out of my mouth is nasty

SEX GUIDE : What is the nastiest thing you've ever said during phone sex?
Lori:I am a real dirty talker so everything that comes out of my mouth is nasty baby. I do phone sex quite often especially when they are watching me on my bedroom cam talking about what I am doing. You will just have to book a call to see how nasty I get. *Wink*
SEX GUIDE : Tell us about your craziest story
Lori: I would have to say the craziest thing that ever happened to me would be when I went to Tampa, Florida to visit a girlfriend of mine during October’s Guavaween festival where it’s like a mini Mardi Gras and me and my two girlfriends were flashing left and right and even posed with a cop many times where my tits were out and he was handcuffing me from behind while I was topless . the crazy thing was a month or so goes by and I had the picture up inside my website and it got around to the Tampa police department and the cop that posed with me many times got into trouble and fired for his actions. I felt really bad when I heard he got fired from his job it even made the local newspaper! (cop fired for posing with internet girl) I do have the picture to prove it but I have taken it off of my website so that he doesn't’t get into any more trouble.

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SEX GUIDE : If I ask nicely, would you send me your bra tag? (yes I have a fascination with bra tags)
Lori: What’s your address and I will put it in tomorrow’s mail *Wink *
SEX GUIDE : Did I mention you are stunning to look at?
Lori :No, but thank you
SEX GUIDE :If you had to describe in one sentence what someone can expect when joining your site, how would you describe it?
Lori: Members of my site can expect to see and enjoy me fulfilling a variety of their lustful desires from softcore lingerie and bikini shoots to hardcore cock sucking and fucking, messy cum shots, anal sex, girl/girl, toy play, to fetish peeing, smoking, bondage, role playing...and my favorite getting naked outdoors. And I can’t forget 3 Free Live cam shows per week

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SEX GUIDE :If I bumped into you in a bar and I were to pull my best pick up line on you, "Hey, Babe, how'd you like a smoothie like me to show you a good time?" would it get me anywhere?
Lori:Probably not but I would have a huge grin on my face because I have never heard that line before LOL

SEX GUIDE : If the internet didn't exist, what would you be doing now?
Lori:I would probably be working at my last job that I quit because I was getting so busy on the Internet. Working for a bathing suit and Exotic dancewear manufacture designing and traveling around doing trade shows.

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SEX GUIDE :Anything else you feel you would like to share with us?
Lori:I would like to say thank you for contacting me for this little interview. I am quite honored that you wanted to learn more about me * wink * You can catch me live just about everyday interacting with my members and non-members on instant messenger and through email. You also get to know a little more about me by reading my daily diary. I love performing on my bedroom cam for all my fans either in private cam to cam sessions or Free shows that I do in my members area that I do on a weekly basis. I am a true amateur and I’m running the show mister! .

You have to see more of this Cutie I know I'll never get enough of her





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